Payment Information

Candidate Payment Process

After being confirmed for an assignment, payment details need to be emailed over to either your Recruitment Consultant or directly to Payroll so you can be set up before we receive your first timesheet.

We require the following documentation depending on which pay method you are working as:


• Proof of account number and sort code

• Completed New Starter Checklist (previously known as a P46) or latest P45 from previous role


• Email confirmation from your umbrella company that you are registered with them. We will then contact them to get their compliance documentation.

**Please note that we can only process payments to Umbrella Companies that are either FCSA Accredited or Professional Passport Members**


Your Recruitment Consultant will send you a blank timesheet to use and complete during your assignment.

Timesheets need to be completed weekly and signed off by the relevant Consultant/Manager on site before being sent to our payroll inbox via email.

If your assignment is a Direct Engagement assignment, different timesheet deadlines will apply, so please contact your Recruitment Consultant directly for more information on this.

Signed, legible timesheets need to be sent in before 1pm every Wednesday.

Payments are made via BACS and will clear on Friday. Payslips are available to view on our payslip portal and an email with a link to register for this will be emailed to you once we have processed your first timesheet. If you are paid via an umbrella company, your payslips will be sent to you by them.

The email address to send all payment details, timesheets, and any queries to is